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Children’s Ministry

We believe that a church without a children ministry is either dead or dying. This is because of the family system ingrained into the church, which lays the foundation to growth. If there is no growth from the smaller level (i.e. babies, children, youths, etc), then there will be no real church growth.

Our Sunday school ministry plays an integral part within the heritage hub of  TREM system, which often results in effective education and implementation of God’s truths in the lives of these young ones through the bible. Our goal is to lead our children to know, believe, love and worship God forever through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our Achievements:

Our parents agree that two hours of Sunday school mornings produces good effect on their children’s spiritual growth, and they are more eager to attend. We have fashioned our curriculum and teaching methods in the old fashioned public school style.

We have had children who attended our Sunday school whose parents were not members of our church, and due to their regular attendance and the fact that they enjoyed the teachings, they have been able to bring their parents to join our church.

Teaching Style:

Our children learn the bible every Sunday by reading it together in line with other teaching materials. Although we stress on memorisation, we also believe that learning the word of God works a lot better with understanding the scriptures.

As a family church and charity, each ministry is run by volunteers, and the children ministry has capable teachers who are professional in their approach, ensuring their impart the right knowledge of the Gospel to these little ones. We see our children as our treasures, and we cherish their existence, and ensure we follow God’s directives to lead them in the path of righteousness.

But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God. ~ Luke 18:16 KJV