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“heritage hub” of TREM

Empowering with the word

The “heritage hub” of TREM is a centre for all nations and people who believe in the efficacy of the word of God and desire to be all that God wants them to be. This platform brings destinies together and inspires hope of a better future through empowerment with the word of God, because it is our heritage to be successful.

Reason for the Vision:

The Vision is born out of a desire to live out the principles of the word of God as TREM is known for, and worship of the true and living God in a very unique and nonconformist way, without any inhibitions. Serving God should never be burdensome because God is not a “task master”.

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Our Mission Statement

“This is a place where we gather together in quality praise and worship of the true and living God, equipped with the Word of God for growth and fellowship with one another in covenant relationship and released to make a formidable impact in our world for the Kingdom. TREM is big enough to contain you, small enough to reach you, and powerful enough to deal with anything the devil brings against you. Here we do not look at the bigness of your problem but the bigness of our God.”